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Fire Sprinklers

Residential Fire Sprinklers

In addition to commercial fire sprinkler installation and service, Automatic Fire Sprinkler specializes in serving all your residential fire sprinkler needs. We work with you to explain the different options you have to protect your most valuable possessions, your family and home. Our staff has the experience and training to accommodate any situation, and the knowledge to answer any of your questions. Every year, almost 80% of the fire deaths in the United States occur where people feel the safest – in their homes. When you compare the cost of lawn sprinklers versus residential sprinklers, their isn’t much difference in cost. Plus, you could receive reduced insurance premiums with a residential fire sprinkler system. With residential fire sprinklers, we can give you a peace of mind you deserve and a feeling that everyone should have at home, safe.

Residential Fire Sprinklers

  • Of the 2.5 million fires reported each year, 500,000 of those occur in residential structures.
  • Smoke detectors save lives by providing a warning system but can do nothing to extinguish a growing fire or protect those physically unable to escape on their own, such as the elderly or small children.
  • Sprinklers rarely leak. They are tested at 175 psi for 24 hours. Standard plumbing is only tested at 60 psi.
  • Sprinklers cause less damage than the fire itself. A sprinkler will control a fire in its early stages and will use considerably less water than the Fire Department would.
  • Having both fire sprinklers and smoke detectors will increase the chance of survival in a fire by as much as 90%.
  • Sprinkler heads are individually activated. Heads operate when heat reaches around 165 degrees (the heat of a fire) and neither smoke nor smoke detectors will set a sprinkler head off.
  • In 90% of residential fires, the activation of 1 or 2 sprinkler heads is sufficient to control or extinguish the fire.

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